CoinLab Tried to Redact Court File

Welcome back Goxdoxxers.  Today we bring to your attention a creditor known to us only as “Sunni Sunnz”.  Mr. Sunnz is proof of just how desperate Peter is to seal court records to avoid much deserved scrutiny from creditors.     

Who is Sunni Sunnz?

Mr. Sunnz embodies the id of every MtGox creditor.  What he lacks in English fluency he makes up with enthusiasm and tenacity. 

Mr. Sunz’s writing has vaulted him into MtGox immortality.  The MtGox case file contains a short email Mr. Sunnz sent to Peter on November 22, 2016 that captures the way we have all felt inside about CoinLab at some point:




Fortunately the record was not sealed, likely because the trustee saw the email for what it was: a gag written by a screwed over and frustrated ESL creditor.

What’s that? You also sent Peter similar emails (, DMs to his Reddit (u/vessenes) and Twitter (@vessenes)?  Why are you not also immortalized in the MtGox case file?

We creditors have done our damnedest to let Peter know just how much we don’t appreciate his “wrong turn on MtGox”.  But it was only Mr. Sunnz who’s email was selected by Peter to use in a court submission arguing why the trustee must refrain from blaming Peter for causing delays in paying creditors.

In a submission by Peter’s dickless (not exaggerating) Japanese attorney Wada-san, Peter informs the trustee that his life is in danger and that blood will be on the trustee’s hands if anything happens to him.  The following excerpt from Wada-san’s submission on behalf of Peter has been translated to English for us:

“The Trustee and Kraken have said that the bankruptcy has been delayed because of Coinlab, which caused this email to be sent to Peter.  Peter is very afraid because the crime rate in the US is 12x the crime rate in Japan and Peter has children.  We will be forced to take appropriate legal action if Coinlab is blamed again.”

“Hey Goxdoxxer, do you think this is what Peter was referring to in his Reddit post where he tried to claim he wasn’t delaying the bankruptcy?

This appears to be the case.  Followers of GoxDox2 will recall that our first article published on January 23, 2017 was inspired by Peter’s Reddit post blaming the court for the delay.  One month later Peter had his lawyers file this submission. We can only hope that GoxDox2 is the reason Peter tried and failed to seal the record, and this revelation gives us newfound inspiration to keep sticking it to him.

Peter’s Reddit post went on to say that he receives some emails he marks as “immediately send to FBI”.  We are guessing he was referring to Mr. Sunnz email.  Sunni Sunz, if you’re out there reading this, the Feds are watching, but something tells me you’re already out of their jurisdiction.  Besides, the Feds have better things to do than track down victims writing hilarious gag emails to those who should be under criminal investigation in their own right.

Peter, it is you the Feds should be investigating for embezzling the $5.2M USD you owe to MtGox.  Drop your fucking claim or you will surely “regreet your wrong turn on MtGox.” 

What do we do?  

Enough is enough.  I am calling on every creditor to participate in publicly calling out Peter.  Let Peter know how you feel on Twitter by tweeting your thoughts to @vessenes and tagging him on Reddit as /u/vessenes.

What do we not do?

No death threats, no lies or misinformation.  We’re better than that and we’re in the right.  Just hit Peter with the cold, hard facts of what kind of a person he is for filing a ¥1.6 Trillion JPY claim in an attempt to deprive actual MtGox victims of any kind of payout.  Don’t give Peter any ammo to try to seal the record a second time.

Peter, this is just getting started.   


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